Project: To create naming opportunities for our client’s newly renovated center.


Solution: One of the naming opportunities was a classic set of cut letters over their main reception area — “THE CHARLES EVANS PAVILION”.


The second naming opportunity was a unique mix of cut letters “THE HELEN AND ARTHUR PASHCOW ADULT DAY SERVICES CENTER” and photos taken of historic oil paintings and then printed onto photo embedded metal panels and affixed to glass backers. The Pashcow family were founding donors to ACLD and so the choice to use cut letters and photos was warranted.


As you look at the photo images it appears that there is a wooden frame on the glass surrounding the photos of the oil paintings. In fact, each image — person + frame — is all photographic. If you look through our website you will see many designs using our photo embedded metal print process. It always produces rich images that draw the attention of passersby. We are able to produce these images in black and white mode or full color mode.


If you would like to discuss interesting and unique donor recognition options, call us to discuss how our photo embedded metal print process can enhance your efforts.

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Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792  eMail:

Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792  eMail:


Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792