Annual Fund Raising

Project: To create an annual donor wall that is easy to maintain, cost effective and beautiful to look at.


Solution: Our metal on glass donor walls have been consistently rated “BEST ANNUAL DESIGN.” They are custom made in most sizes to suit your needs. There are NO PLAQUES to move around year after year — one large magnetic panel does it all. They have fixed annual update costs. You can include photos, logos and donor names all on the same panel. Update an entire campaign in under 5 minutes.


Move your annual fund raising up to the next level. Call and speak to one of our artists at (877) 366-6792 or e-mail us at and mention Annual Fund Raising.


Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792  eMail:


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Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792  eMail:

Annual Fund

Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792  eMail:


Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792