Chilton Medical Center

Project: Design an eye catching and easy to update multiple campaign installation for a highly trafficked corridor just off their main entrance.


Solution: Our solution here was a series of three full color photo embedded metal panels with text embedded over a background image. Each panel had its own unique image and all three images reflected a floral motif. A second unique aspect of the design was acid etched headers and footers. Each header identified the campaign on the panel and each footer had a philanthropic quote and author’s name.


This design makes updating easy, since all that is needed for an update is ordering a new campaign panel. Each unit screws off the wall with just four screws and the new panel goes on just as easily. An update might take all of 10 minutes from start to finish - with each update consisting of several hundred names. Quite a relief from removing and installing hundreds of plaques every time you want to update.


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Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792  eMail:

Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792  eMail:


Need Help? Telephone: (877) 366-6792