Project: To create a comprehensive donor recognition system that honors donors while communicating both the best practices and brand image of each client.


Solution: Our designers put together each client’s selection of names, images, photos, logos and text into beautiful finished works of art that are flexible and brand sensitive.  We achieve flexibility by having each panel easy to remove and replace (donor updates, photo changes, etc.).  Brand sensitivity is achieved by using photos, logos, quotes and text that reflect the soul of our client.


Over the years we have built our DonorMurals using wood backers, stainless steel backers and most recently glass backers.  For the face plaques we offer a large selection of materials in black and white formats as well as full color formats.  This range of elements allows each design to fit perfectly into the interior where it is placed.


The success of this design is that people have become accustomed to long lists of names and easily pass them by.  Photos and images always draw people’s attention.


Our clients have used their DonorMurals for recognizing capital campaigns, annual campaigns, planned giving campaigns, and volunteer support to name a few.

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Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142  eMail:

Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142  eMail:


Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142