Morristown Medical

Project: Create a donor wall to recognize the employees to the hospital's new brick campaign.


Solution: Morristown Medical Center was a very forward thinking client. They wanted something modern, impressive and easy to update.  They had seen many designs and many design companies but found us the right fit.  We built them a large glass panel structure spanning over 10 feet in length.  On the face of the glass we sand blasted their unique campaign logo matching the inlaid color fills to the  PMS colors of the campaign.  We used multiple tones of the colors to achieve an exact match of their logo.  The carved logo itself spanned almost three feet in height.  Next we created over 120 individual metal plaques that were fixed to the face of the glass with a quick set permanent 3M tape.  Since future plaques would be added on site we needed to have a method of attachment that would not slip over time.  With the 3M tape the job was assured.


Looking close at the plaque array you will notice an offset installation pattern.  We purposely used this approach to make sure future plaques would look perfect when installed.

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Morristown Medical Center

Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142  eMail:

Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142  eMail:


Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142