Parker Jewish Institute

Project: Design and develop a recognition system for donors to an ongoing Founders campaign.


Solution: For this client we had to consider their history yet work with a brand new interior just completed.  We used brass because their prior installations were in brass.  We used light wood and blue line details because that was the new interior design look  We made sure to produce an installation that didn't look like an add-on but rather an integral piece of the new construction.  Once the design was presented the project doubled to also include a donor wall for their Legacy Society.


This design is composed of 200+ etched brass plaques in varying sizes to denote varying levels of giving.  Small cut brass letters are installed above each plaque grouping to identify the name of that category.  The main central logo and header text are all deep carved sand blasted into the wood back board and then color filled.  To complete the design we took six photographs from our clients' archives and produced a brand identity story of who they serve.  This is a complex design that has drawn rave reviews across the entire non-profit community.


Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142  eMail:


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(646) 729-7142

Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142  eMail:

Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142  eMail:


Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142