Standards Plans

Project: To provide a comprehensive and coherent plan for all naming opportunities for capital campaigns.


Solution: Most of our clients run capital campaigns. Within these campaigns they offer naming opportunities. Our experience is that most non-profits do the same but have no plan in place to show donors what they will get for their donation. When the time comes to put up the naming opportunities non-profits are faced with a blank process that ends up haphazard and donor driven — both are very bad for a brand sensitive solution.


What we create are design plans that include plaques, cut letters and bio-plaques matched to the table of gifts that our clients have put in place. Just having a table of gifts does little for donors if they cannot see what they will get for their gift. Our plans list with visuals what a donor gets for a given donation — this helps donors get a sense of the return for their generosity. Our clients say these Standard Plans help them close donations with lot less hassle and with predictable outcomes for the donor and the non-profit. Having a format for all naming opportunities insures a coherent and elegant look when the naming opportunities finally go up. Having a plan in place also saves staff time.


Our Standard Plans are meant to last over time and be used campaign after campaign. The investment is once, the returns are forever.


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Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142  eMail:

Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142  eMail:


Need Help? Telephone: (646) 729-7142