Staten Island
University Hospital
Digital Recognition

Project: To recognize donors, highlight events and share impact stories across three unique campaigns of a long-time hospital client. A decision was made to use digital displays, glass room plaques and photo embedded metal imaging plaques. Ultimately there would be three interconnected installations.


Solution: The project began with the hospital’s Cancer Center Digital Display with plans to then move on to the Mother and Newborn campaign and then a comprehensive recognition in the hospital’s main lobby.

How to view the Cancer Center Digital Display.
1. Click Here to view the live demo.

2. After your browser loads the page, to learn about the Florina Cancer Center or the the Brian Halpin Pediatric Cancer Center, click on those links.

3. To learn about the Donors, Impact Stories, Campaign, and Events, click on the “Back” text link in the lower left corner.

4. For more details about the campaign, make a selection from the following topics, “Donors”, “Impact Stories”, “Campaign”, and “Events.”

5. Use the text links within these sections located on the left-hand side of the screen to learn more.

6. You can also use the QR code to learn more or go to the donation page.

To go back to the main screen, reload/refresh the web page in your browser.

On the main screen you can use the QR code to run the site from your cell phone.

On the main screen (lower right corner) you can search the entire site by clicking the search icon.

To return to the DONORWALL DESIGN GROUP website, you will need to close the window that was opened in your web browser when you were directed to the demo. Then click on the DONORWALL DESIGN GROUP logo at the top of the page with the “X” in the upper right corner to go to the DONORWALL DESIGN GROUP main website.

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